The Magic Wand

Date:25 February
Systems:Security Systems

The Magic Wand kindergarten security was designed with the aim of safety and health of children.

To achieve confident secureness and awareness, Mrs Jane the owner of the nursery school, took into consideration the use of our security systems.

CCTV system: All perimeters of the nursery school are monitored by security cameras that allows 24 hours a day to monitor and retrieve images and videos in case of any suspicious attempt to enter the school premises illegally. The internal common areas are also controlled.

Alarm system: All areas of the nursery school are protected by alarm system motion detectors. The system is divided into subsystems and operates accordingly, on working days or on holidays.

Fire detection system: All interiors are protected by a fire detection system. In addition to the central fire detection panel and related devices, the products include automatic fire detectors (smoke, heat,), manual call points and signaling devices.

Freewaves Ltd and personnel would like to thank Mrs. Jane, who trust our company and gave as the opportunity to use our experience and conclude to a remarkable result.