AI Technology at P&S Carton Industry

Date:10 July 2023

AI Technology at P&S Carton Ind. Ltd

During the study for the upgrade of the plant’s safety system, all critical factors and specificities of the project were taken into account.

Automatic license plate recognition.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the wide range of advantages it offers for various applications. Traffic management, smart parking, intelligent transport systems in smart cities are just some of the advantages offered by ANPR.

This particular installation was made for the control of entrances/exits at the factory site. The process is simple, when the car approaches the checkpoint, the cameras identify the vehicle and the gate opens. However, “behind” this process, which seems simple, is an entire system that incorporates cutting edge technology and a combination of innovations to simplify and automate the control. These are automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems which increasingly incorporate new technologies into their operation.

Image resolution cameras.

Image data analysis systems as we know them are becoming increasingly popular in even more applications. Beyond their traditional role in many cases they offer a range of benefits and advantages, enhancing the level of protection of facilities and upgrading additional business functions. One of these functions is the protection of employees in the workplace.
Cameras installed to detect intrusion events, with the advancement of deep learning algorithms can also alert workers entering restricted or high-risk areas.
Data analytics even helps ensure personal protective equipment is adhered to, with the camera being able to play back alarms, protecting isolated workers.
Audio analysis also plays an important role in safety. The camera’s microphone can pick up someone shouting for help or if an alarm has been triggered.

Thermal cameras.
Thermal cameras were installed in all indoor areas of the factory. These cameras record the temperatures of all the machines. In case they detect high temperatures they will inform the security managers in real time, both locally and remotely.