Smart Home KNX automation system

finally an allied for you and your loved ones

About SMART HOME Systems

Due to nowadays demands and technological progress KNX automation can offer simplicity to your daily life routine. We people demanding all goods to serve us, but who you think is finally getting the control? Do yourself a favor; enjoy peace of mind by leaving the hard part of controlling all your goods at your premises through all the benefits that a Smart Home Technology can offer.


Peace of mind and comfort beyond your expectations

  • Easy set-up of scenarios and routines
  • Control any electrical device through your smartphone/tablet or laptop
  • Climate control
  • Interface with other electrical systems
  • Energy management program

Smart Home automation systems give you the flexibility to programme the functions in your house for your convenience

  • Mobile App for handling all electrical functions
  • Control all electrical appliances from anywhere
  • Receive Notifications on your smartphone/tablet about your systems status
  • Updates & Upgrades availability
  • Comfort beyond your expectations
  • Energy saving
  • Maximizes your home security
  • Ability to create scenarios and routines
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Accessibility