Lighting & Electrical by AGELCO

Date:15 January 2021
Systems:All Included

Exhibition space for electrical and lighting equipment .

Customers can get tips and inspiration for technical installations of their own construction projects.

An impressive exhibition that the available equipment helps customers to obtain information and come to their own decision. In building technology this is not just about the appearance of switches, touch screens, etc. but also the functionality of the equipment.

The new Agelco showroom is the ideal source of information for customers regarding the electrical and lighting equipment. Experiencing modern lighting comfort, the Agelco team chose KNX because the system is open and adaptable and meets increasing demand in residential and commercial facilities.

The advantages of building automation are very clear. For example, guests can experience the benefits of modern lighting comfort, touch screens or remote control units for creating lighting scenarios.

The showroom also offers solutions for security and music scenarios. Motion and fire sensors included, surveillance cameras and loudspeakers for audio transmission.

Finally, all of them are connected to a central touch screen and a central server for local and remote control, displaying all the functions of the building that can be easily controlled and operated with just one touch.

The following systems based on state-of-the-art technology have been installed in the building, that developed by the top international market manufacturers:

  • Server for controlling all systems (Thinknx)
  • Automation system (Siemens KNX)
  • Audio and video system (Thinknx)
  • Alarm system (Satel)
  • Fire detection system (Satel)
  • Monitoring system (Provision)

Freewaves Ltd and its staff would like to thank the Agelco company, for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to use our experience to complete a remarkable showroom.