Smart Living 21st century

Systems:All Included

We are proud to announce the completion of another smart living.

Smart Living is a trend encompassing advancements that give people the opportunity to benefit from new ways of living. It involves original and innovative solutions aimed at making life more efficient, more controllable, economical, productive, integrated and sustainable.

The project includes the following systems:

Smart Home Automation systems for lighting and curtain control. Features for creating routines and scenarios. All controllable through a smartphone, tablet or pc…locally and remotely.

Security systems : Burglar & Fire alarm systems for the safety of the premises. All controllable through app for remote and local usage.

Video Door Phone system: A solution for giving access to the main door either by an internal monitor or by using the app on your mobile device.

Entertainment system for unique experience. A multi-zone amplifier provides indoor and outdoor audio through high end speakers.