CCTV Protection

Date:01 April 2021

CCTV Protection starts perimeter & from a distance

During the elaboration of the complete safety study of the specific project, all the critical factors and the peculiarities of the area were taken into account.

Due to the development that has taken place in recent years in the technologies of electronic security systems, we have the ability to have the complete remote guarding of an area, with exact precision. Not having the area we want to monitor with security cameras or the ability to connect to the internet , is no longer a problem. With satellite connection we can have the speeds we need.

The connection between all the products (cameras & recorders) become wireless.

Ossia, the latest Provision-ISR operating system and the most innovative on the market, was installed on this project. With reliable algorithms you can automatically record the events and with smart search methods you can easily turn the reproduction into evidence.

Provision-ISR cameras have been installed, the new range of cameras, which offers excellent brightness, sharpness and vivid color images even at night. The new Sirius cameras are designed to enhance the ability to monitor in the dark and offer 24 hours excellent color vision. Cameras with Sirius technology are suitable for applications in public places, industrial complexes, traffic junctions and in general in low light environments.