Specialized security with KNX building automation.

How does an international standard for building automation apply security to its software?

In 2020, more than 800 million smart devices were sold worldwide and sales for smart luminaires alone amounted to 7 billion euros. It is safe to say that the evolution of smart building has matured and will probably intensify in the coming years. Now that smart devices are becoming more and more necessary in European households, the issue of security is equally at the forefront.

KNX safe offers dual protection.

As a building automation for decades, KNX has vast experience in security. With the rise and connection of all systems and automation, KNX Secure was introduced and committed to address the security challenges of building automation.

KNX Secure offers dual intruder protection. The aim is to protect users’ data from unauthorized access and manipulation with encryption and authentication on the one hand.

KNX IP Secure ensures that only authorized people (your installer, you …) can access and modify your settings. But what if a hacker can see your data? KNX Data Secure ensures that all data is encrypted – with the same level of encryption that banks use for their operations – so that the attacker has the lowest possible view of your actual data to prevent misuse.

KNX is one of the safest smart building technologies in the world. KNX Secure is an essential part of technology, so an installation running on KNX is a safe choice for your building. Commitment is essential for a secure smart projects industry.