In addition to controlling lights and locking doors, you can use your smart watch to make your home even more comfortable. in fact, you can connect your smartwatch to your thermostat. This way you can remotely control the temperature of every room in the house, whether you are at work or just at home. Easily keep certain rooms cool or warm without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

In addition, you can also use your smartwatch to easily monitor your security cameras at any time.

Another benefit of using your smartwatch to monitor your devices is that you can receive notifications on your wrist. You don’t always have time to look at your phone when you’re busy. But with your smart watch, you can keep full control of your smart home. For example, getting a notification when a door is unlocked after 11 p.m. or when the lights are left on. You can receive notifications on your smartwatch from security alarms, smart locks, motion sensors, thermostats and more.