Provision-ISR cameras.

Provision-ISR cameras incorporate digital security technologies with the signature reliability and quality of the global leader in cyber security solutions, Check Point.

In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, securing your surveillance systems from cyber-attacks is a priority. Provision-ISR’s partnership with the leader in cybersecurity, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. perfectly addresses this priority.

Through the integration of Check Point’s Nano Agent cybersecurity technologies into Provision-ISR’s systems, the protection of surveillance systems against cyber-attacks is universally enhanced.

The Provision-ISR model of the S-Sight series is aimed at professional installations and customers who require high-performance cameras with crystal clear image quality and the highest level of cyber-security.

The main feature that differentiates the unit from the competition is, as mentioned, the built-in nano agent function provided in collaboration with Check Point. The revolutionary Check Point IoT Protect, along with Nano Agent, provides real-time protection to all monitoring devices as they are integrated at the software level. The highly “lightweight” Check Point IoT Protect is based on cutting-edge CFI (control flow integrity) technology, and is able to protect against the latest threats, such as memory corruption protection and control flow hijacking protection.

The solution provided by Check Point and Provision-ISR is a solution offered for ordinary users up to large organizations. Ordinary users benefit as they are provided with an integrated and secure system, while large organizations can have a complete holistic digital security solution, whether it is cloud-based systems, digital cameras, NVRs (Network Video Recorders) or even VMS (Video Management System).

The high security it incorporates does not affect the other functions of the cameras and protects digital devices from even the most sophisticated threats, while offering high malware prevention (ransomware, bot infections, crypto mining, etc.).