Monitoring systems in workplaces.

Video data analytic are becoming increasingly popular in even more applications. Beyond their traditional role in many cases, they offer a range of benefits and advantages, enhancing the level of protection of facilities and upgrading additional business functions. One of these functions is the protection of employees in the workplace.

According to the International Labor Organization, an estimated 2.3 million women and men around the world lose their lives in workplace accidents or from work-related illnesses every year. This corresponds to more than 6 000 deaths per day. Accidents are, of course, more likely to occur in places where heavy technical work is carried out, such as factories and facilities involving critical infrastructure.

How video analytics can help.

Many businesses and organizations around the world already use surveillance systems for security purposes. Some are even already using artificial intelligence to develop business intelligence.  These same solutions can also prove invaluable for staff safety.

With advances in deep learning algorithms, the same surveillance cameras used to detect intrusion events will also be able to alert workers entering restricted or high-risk areas. Data analytics even helps ensure personal protective equipment is adhered to, with the camera being able to play back alarms, thus protecting isolated workers.

The cameras can also alert for objects blocking exit doors or evacuation corridors in case of danger.

What is worth noting is that the above monitoring and analysis capabilities are offered around the clock with instant alerts whenever this occurs, which is more efficient than traditional methods where an operator monitors images from different capture points simultaneously.

Top video analytics features for worker safety:

The most remarkable feature about video analytics over the years is the pace at which it has evolved. Industry manufacturers and research and development departments are working feverishly to improve the necessary algorithms, while the increased use of technical intelligence has made analytics smarter.

Let’s look at some of their characteristics that can be exploited in maintaining a safe working environment.

Surveillance and compliance with regulations:

Most workplaces have specific safety protocols that must be followed by workers, for example, work helmets are mandatory in many factories. Face masks, safety glasses, boots and gloves are also enforced in many workplaces. However, many times people do not follow safety protocols either intentionally due to over-familiarity with the occupation or accidentally. In either case, however, this can prove fatal.

With data analytics technology offering unique innovations, it is now very easy to monitor employees to ensure that they comply with rules and protection measures and use the necessary equipment. Otherwise, the facility’s safety officers will be notified in real time.


Remote monitoring.

The prevalence of remote monitoring in the workplace is not just related to the pandemic, although it has undoubtedly contributed. However, in factories, for example, workers must maintain a certain distance from large machinery that can cause accidents.

Cameras with video analytics capabilities can locate the position and detect the movement of a person and then send an alert if someone exceeds the distance limit.

Audio monitoring.

Audio analytics can also play an important role in workplace safety. For example, the camera’s microphone can pick up someone shouting for help or if an alarm has been triggered.

These sounds can be identified as signs of special attention, or action points by the security team.

Temperature control.

Temperature-sensing cameras became popular during the pandemic response measures. They may be a little controversial, however businesses can benefit from using such devices and ensure that their employees don’t come to work when they are unwell.

Converging cameras can also be very helpful if they detect high temperatures in a machine. The safety team can be informed and in case of increased risk the power supply can be cut off.



Employee safety is vital for businesses, not only for legal reasons but also to create an ideal workplace. Accidents and illnesses can reduce staff morale, which, in such a case, will not pay off for the company.

Video analytics solutions are an excellent tool for monitoring workplaces and protecting employees, where with the rapid development of algorithms this is just the beginning.