Fire protection with burglar alarm and fire detection system.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are among the most beautiful and beloved holidays of the year and everyone, especially children, look forward to them with excitement. Home decoration emphasizes lights, lamps and lots of candles to help create a festive atmosphere.

It has been found that the many electrical connections, such as the Christmas tree lights, the lighting elements of the general decoration and the use of candles in homes during the Christmas holidays, pose a risk of fire or electric shock if the appropriate precautions are not taken. Another factor that poses a risk of fire is alternative heating sources that certainly add to the warm atmosphere, such as fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Statisticallý, the number of fire incidents during this period is increased.

Freewaves proposes a safe and cost-effective way to manage and prevent these risks, by recommending the installation of a smoke detector. In this way, the risk of fire is prevented.

A smoke and heat detector is used which is intended to detect the fire before it is too late. The detector is connected to the alarm system, resulting in a warning through visual and audible devices that there is smoke, fire, gas leakage or other emergencies.


How does an alarm and fire detection system work?


Any facility, whether a residence or a large building, can have a reliable fire detection system at a very affordable cost. It is intended for the safety and protection of property by instantly and automatically detecting the exact location of a fire. The alarm is activated either automatically by the heat and smoke detectors or manually from specific points with special buttons.  At the same time, the owner & the fire brigade are directly notified.

What is the correct and effective placement of the fire detection system?

For a fire detection system to be effective, a proper study of the area should be made and then the corresponding installation. Points that should definitely have such a system are:

– Corridors and escape passages.

– Bedrooms, as it is very easy to sleep without being aware of smoke.

– Rooms that have a high risk of ignition and rapid spread of fire with an immediate threat, such as in the kitchen.

– Rooms where disabled or elderly people live.


It is necessary to place them in such places so that the fire can be quickly and accurately detected.

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