Everything you need to know before you trust your security to a private security company.

Everything you need to know before you trust your security to a private security company.

The installation of an alarm system is an investment for the security of your premises, but also a service with a special purpose since you should trust the experts to protect your life and property.

Proper study of the site.

First of all, the study of the site is a basic prerequisite for the correct installation of the system. According to the European security directives, every installation of an alarm system must be based on a technical study by a licensed company. So, to be sure that your system is complete and works at maximum efficiency, a proper study of the premises must be carried out to eliminate the risks of burglary and to ensure that the security offered by the system is not incomplete.

Proper site planning is the secret to a complete alarm system. Burglars meticulously study the area they aim to break into, which is why only a qualified and technically trained professional can take into account all possible scenarios and protect you from them by recording and evaluating all the risks. A proper site study includes a plan of the site layout specifying the proposed system that involves all the equipment and its installation points, always keeping in mind the needs of each project.


Technologically modern equipment & efficient installation.


The correct selection of the appropriate equipment and its proper installation requires technical knowledge, experience and information about the latest technological trends of the market (e.g. wireless connection and remote system management via smartphone, visualization, wireless and hybrid systems, etc.). The right choice of products, suitable locations as well as the installation method should cover all possible entry points recorded in the plan while preventing possible false alarms.

An additional risk of burglars is to break into the system using the technology. The only solution to the risk of attack by hackers is to install products from specialized manufacturers and have them installed by people who have all the knowledge regarding this technology.


Reliability of the company and the technicians.

According to Cypriot legislation, all companies (and installers) that provide security services must have an operating license.

The main requirements for obtaining a license are not limited to setting up a security company, but every five years you must:


-Certificate from a public psychiatrist that they are mentally healthy,

-maintain a clean criminal record,

– in addition, all technical crews involved in the facility must have a staff license, which every three years certifies that they possess all of the above pre-requisites.


These licenses ensure to a high degree your real protection and eliminate risks that may be related to a lack of technical competence and professionalism.


Ensure a high level of protection and trust licensed security system companies.