Business Security.

A professional security system is a basic requirement for businesses.

For every professional, the study and installation of a reliable security system, on the one hand, acts as a deterrent to petty theft and robbery and on the other hand, saves time and money since even a simple robbery attempt can cause great damage.

We have summarized and listed the most important reasons that prove the necessity of installing a modern security system in your business premises.

  1. Protection of professional space.

Protect your professional equipment by choosing the installation of a security system, in this way you provide for an effective response to:

– Armed robbery.

– Burglary during non-working days and hours.

– Theft from both customers and employees, partners or visitors.

– Vandalism.

– Disruption of business procedures and regulations.

  1. Specialized solutions for shops.

The ideal solution is to choose an alarm system with breakage detectors which is suitable for shops with glass windows.                                                                              A commercial premises alarm with the appropriate peripheral equipment can protect you from a possible natural disaster or technical failure of the networks. With the appropriate motion detectors, magnetic contacts, temperature sensors or outdoor detectors, it can be detected in time and you and the authorities can be informed immediately:

– Fire or even the use of cigarettes in areas where smoking is prohibited.

– Dangerous gas leak.

– Possible loss of electricity, a service very important for businesses with refrigeration chambers or medical equipment, for immediate intervention and protection of perishable products.


  1. Safety in the working environment.

The installation of an alarm system and surveillance cameras provides a safe working environment that is statistically proven to have a positive effect on employees and increase productivity. Security is more essential when working night shifts or having access to cash registers and valuable items.


  1. Holistic safeguarding of the business.

The security system is constantly protected so that you can concentrate on the task and goals of your business and not get caught up in security measures, enjoying an unparalleled feeling of safety and protection.

  1. Real-time online security updates.

You are given the opportunity to be informed on-line for all information about the status of your alarm by receiving notifications on your mobile phone for violations of operating hours with user access controls during non-working hours, security system arming delays or any other action you need.

  1. Coverage and protection 365 days a year.

By installing a security system and closed-circuit monitoring, you secure your business even when you are away so you can enjoy your social life or your holidays untroubled. Ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, data security and supervision of your customers and partners by getting a reliable, secure and professional system. Monitor your business live from your mobile wherever you are.

Our security consultants are always ready and willing to provide you with any additional information you request.