Video door phone and security.

The video door phone and access control system are designed to regulate access to the home or business. It is the evolution of the intercom and has been a key security measure for several years.

The intercom that suits you depends on your needs and of course the configuration of your space. The options in installation therefore vary, depending on their technical characteristics, models and function and cover any project of high or simple requirements.


Video door phone for remote control via smartphone.

Digital door entry systems will definitely ensure your security and peace of mind. You will be able to know who is knocking on your door whether you are there or not, you can talk to them, hear them and see them and automatically all this will be recorded on the memory card as well. The door viewer allows remote control and opening of the lock via smartphone or tablet. In case a burglar tries to destroy the system, everything is recorded in the cloud and you can refer back there.

Automatic photography.

A useful feature is the automatic photograph of the visitor calling you in case you are absent. In addition, it is possible to archive your visitors through an easy-to-use menu, where you can view all photos dated by day and time.

Keyboard with password for authorized users.

‘An important advantage that some models offer is the burglar protection system of the entrance. By adding this system to the installation of the door entry system, the risk of breaking into the entrance door is avoided by incorporating a keypad. In this way, you are given the possibility to allow access to the building’s entrance to those who enter the security code without the need to communicate with the intercom.


The right choice.

Choosing a video door phone system requires careful analysis of your needs. What is it that you need? What is your budget? How many cameras do you want to install and at what locations? Do you want a simple system or one that is more advanced with more stages of protection?  Can it connect to your already installed security system and is it compatible with app-controlled smart buildings?

Each model offers its own set of advantages and features.

Undoubtedly, video door phone is the ideal system for upgrading the security of your premises. However, it should in no way function as a replacement for the security alarm but as a supplement!