The right technology for high-end smart buildings projects.

Nowadays, the creation of buildings must fulfil the new requirements who expect high-end buildings which are also smart. Only the right technology will, therefore, contribute to shaping smart buildings with high-end results.

Easy to operate integrated solutions, all in one tool.

It can integrate every application (air conditioners, heating’s, photovoltaic panels, lighting, etc.) into one joint system. It does not need to create different trucking or pumps for different areas.

This brings security, efficiency and ease of use by configuring separate and shared scenarios with a two-way relationship between the products.

Open standard system,
ready for IoT

There are technologies galore. But making sure all old and new technologies will live up to the expectations and survive to the future market changes to come is a challenge. Thus, standard technologies approved by independent international organizations will guarantee both being able to integrate with any market demands of today (be it IoT), and being future-proof technologies that will last for many years.

Design with style and state-of-the-art

Buildings represent the state-of-the-art in construction and therefore, they should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. KNX is the only technology worldwide that can confirm live to meet the expectations offering solutions that are the most innovative such as KNX IoT and that still work with products launched thirty years ago.