Smart garden.

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means. Time to get your hands dirty and start picking wild grass, sowing and mowing. As we spend more and more time outdoors, the garden has become the place we go to relax and enjoy quality time with our families. No wonder we were looking for ways to make our gardens smarter, safer and more efficient.

Of course, you want the freshly cut grass and other flora in your garden to be healthy and hydrated during the dry summer months.

There is definitely a way to set up your sprinklers to water your garden only when needed, saving you the trouble of manually turning the irrigation system on and off, preventing your yard from turning into a mud bath and keeping your plants healthier than ever.

The Thinknx Smart Controller easily connects to your existing system and turns on in minutes. Using its smart technology, Thinknx connects to your home network to monitor real-time weather data. Water your grass only when needed, saving money, water and time. With the mobile app, you can effortlessly program your watering cans to meet local water constraints and manage your watering system from anywhere

Thinknx lets you divide your garden into independent zones, from flower beds to your vegetable garden. This way your controller takes care of every aspect of your lawn so you do not have to worry. Designed for smart and responsible owners, the program is fully integrated into your smart home. It ensures that your outdoor space can be just as wonderful as your indoor space, giving you more time to enjoy both.

Now, if you really want to upgrade your system, you can easily integrate a weather station into your home automation systems. This way you can effortlessly monitor different meteorological parameters such as wind, rain and humidity. When connected to the system your smart home and garden can even learn to respond to different weather conditions.