Siemens KNX project!

Our company announcing the completion of a smart Siemens KNX project.
Wok N Roll is a well known restaurant located in Limassol. Their ability to offer quality Asian cuisine that is fresh, healthy and nutritious, makes them one of the best restaurants in the city.
Smart KNX automation systems for lighting, led strips and curtain control. Available features for creating routines and scenarios by the use of a touch screen.
The owner, Mr Marinos Tsiorvas, requested to have an easy procedure for his personnel to change the lighting atmosphere by the press of a button. For that to be achieved, we configured a touch screen which is located near the reception desk and contains several combinations of lighting and led strip scenarios.
By doing this, we accomplish the request of our client, and now Mr. Marinos and his personnel are happy for offering this attraction to the customers by creating a great atmosphere while they are enjoying their delicious meal.
Freewaves Ltd and personnel would like to thank Mr. Marinos Tsiorvas, who trust our company and gave as the opportunity to use our experience and conclude to a remarkable result.