Remote control of your alarm system!

In order for users of SATEL alarms to be able to manage their units remotely via mobile phone, the manufacturer has developed and has a free number of applications that are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows mobile phones, without hidden charges or subscriptions. They offer a number of key features that we expect from an app for alarms and extra features. Specifically, they support arming-disarming as well as control of the condition of all zones, as well as the possibility of adjustment for bypass zones.

It is of course worth mentioning that they support other functions and activations of automation for the control of air conditioning, lights, doors, etc. as well as connection with cameras for better monitoring of the space and visual confirmation of events. In case of detection of an incident the applications inform in real time the user (but also the installer if there is an option) with push notification always according to the default settings. All the settings and configurations of the applications are very easy, as well as the programming, according to the wishes of each user, while it is worth emphasizing the high level of security with encrypted communication.