PERFECTA series arrays allow the creation of a wired, wireless or hybrid alarm system. At the same time, SATEL, having associated its name all these years with home automation, enriched the PERFECTA panels with many and useful automation possibilities, creating unnecessary facilities. Indicatively and depending on the version, the panel can accommodate up to 32 zones and a wide variety of wired, wireless detectors, indoor and outdoor installation, as well as the completely wireless keyboards of the series, which are a complete proposal. The PERFECTA panel provides high security and complies with the requirements of the EN50131 safety level, as well as its peripherals. The outputs can take different types of settings, to be controlled by the panel itself as well as by the end user, via application (APP, for android & iPhone), via key bad or remote control. The panel has a built-in GPRS-GSM with dual SIM card for use in connecting to a central station, or can communicate directly with the end user through the available application Perfecta CONTROL, which is available free of charge and without permanent output. The end user can receive updates on the status of his system and intervene dynamically in its management.