How a smart home can improve your home security.

How a smart home can improve your home security.

Imagine living in a house that alerts you every time unwanted visitors try to enter; a fire starts to rage or a water leak is automatically detected before it causes more damage. Guess what smart homes can do.

It did not take much research to discover that a fully integrated home automation system like SATEL KNX provides many possibilities to keep your smart home safe. Even when you are outside, your smart home will keep you informed of any developments that occur in and around your home. It allows you to take immediate action and keep your home safe.


Unwelcome visitors.

A smart home will activate motion sensors that are spread throughout your home and will detect any suspicious movements on your door and will notify you or even the police.

By setting up a script for your devices, a smart home can create the illusion that you are at home when you really are not, protecting you and your home from anyone with bad intentions. Actions such as turning the outdoor or indoor lighting on and off, rolling up the blinds, and even making noise make it look full of people.

You can even communicate with guests on your doorstep using your smartphone-controlled video door entry system. Smart intercoms are fully compatible with the system allowing owners to chat and even track visitors from any location.


Fire & smoke.

Early detection can make a huge difference in terms of fire and smoke hazards in your home. Being able to take immediate action and notify the authorities can not only save your home and belongings, but also your life and that of your family.

Smart detectors throughout the house will alert you when they detect any form of fire, smoke or gas. It alerts you even when you are not at home, making sure you are always informed when there is a potential danger. For example, fire detectors measure the density of fine smoke particles and alert you immediately if dangerous smoke levels develop.


Water leak detection.

Just like fire, the slightest leak can have far-reaching consequences. Not only can water damage your home permanently, but it can significantly increase your water bill. Without smart leak detectors, trying to find a leak seems far-fetched.

By placing leak sensors directly under bathtubs, sinks, washing machines or boilers, the smart home can detect leaks and alert you to minimize damage. Smart sensors, such as leak sensors, can even shut off the water supply until you reach the source of the leak.

A fully integrated security and automation system has no limitations. It offers maximum comfort, safety and electricity savings.