Heating, air conditioning and ventilation control.

Regardless of the conditions outside, maintain the right climate in your home. Exactly how you like it. The system will take care of comfortable temperature regulation and air quality. At the same time, it will optimize energy consumption depending on the preferences and mode of the day of the household members. It will also help you to maintain the right conditions even during your absence.

Automatic temperature management.

Maintain comfort at home regardless of external conditions. Thanks to the integration of heating with temperature sensors, you will maintain the right temperature in each room of your home. In addition, the sensors will react to the opening of windows with a decrease in temperature to save energy.

The house is ready for your return.

Control heating, ventilation and air conditioning wherever you are. Check the conditions at home when you are not around and change the temperature remotely or prepare your home for your return. Smart home – it also means access to the mobile application via a computer, tablet or smartphone. Smart home always at hand.