Our project hosted on KNX website.

We are proud that one of our company projects is hosted on the KNX web site as an innovative project.

Residential Smart Home Adonis

The world of home and building automation “speaks” KNX. Millions of successful KNX installations have been installed across Europe, the Far East, North and South America. This is a testament to how attractive the KNX approach is to smart buildings with over 500 KNX member manufacturers worldwide.

Freewaves is one of these companies that has been active in the field since 2003. We are proud that one of our company projects has been hosted on the KNX main site as an innovative project, which the owner can control locally or remotely (https://projects.knx.org/).

The Adonis Villa Project proves that the projects bearing the KNX logo are a confirmation that even the most demanding customer, combining technology, and innovative design, enjoys an improved living experience.

This luxury residential villa designed to offer peace of mind to a demanding owner. The owner needed an easy to control solution for their lighting, curtains/shutters, climate control and floor heating. The fact that the family is travelling a lot; the need to control an irrigation system by scheduling automatically watering the plants was a must. In addition, entertainment was another basic factor. For that purpose, a multi zone audio and video sharing system offered to all the members of the family unforgettable quality time. Safety was another major factor that we took into consideration as the villa located at a private area. For that purpose, alarm, cctv and access control used. It is equally important that with the use of automated functions and the two-way relationship between all products, energy savings of up to 60% have been achieved.

All the above integrated in one system that can be easily control by touch panels, smartphones or tablet.

The following systems are installed in the building:

  • Lighting: Switching , Dimming , Lighting Colour Control
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control , Individual Room Control / Zone Control , Floor Heating Control , Boiler and burner Control
  • Blind and Shutter Control: Individual Control , Group & Central Control
  • Security and Safety: Access Control , Intrusion Detection / Alarm Systems , Supervision (e.g. Cameras)
  • Operation and Visualisation: Switches / Push Buttons , Web Servers , Touch Panels & Display Panels , Tablets and smart phones
  • Automation and Remote Access: Timed Functions , Logical Functions , System Supervision , Internet Access , Remote Programming
  • Other: Intercom , Audio Control , Video Control , Irrigation Control, Network & WiFi setup