5 common mistakes when installing an alarm system and how to avoid them.

The warmth and cosines of a home must be accompanied by the ultimate sense of security. Choosing and installing the right security system is a difficult task, since you need to take a few things into consideration before proceeding with its installation.

Freewaves security solutions and automations informs you about the mistakes to avoid when choosing to install an alarm system.

  1. Selecting an alarm without taking into account the architecture of the house: It is important to study the architecture of your home with the company’s security consultant beforehand, with the aim of selecting the right system. Vulnerable areas such as the entrances of the house and the garage are just some of the places that should be given special attention. The addition of motion detectors, magnetic traps, sirens and other detectors further strengthens the protective perimeter.
  2. Improper connection of magnetic contacts: There are many cases where the connection of magnetic contacts to doors or windows is not appropriate, often causing false alarms. The aim for the smooth operation of the system is to ensure optimal installation using special materials.
  3. Inappropriate alarm wiring: Often, there are long distances between the central panel and the sensors or wiring with the wrong type of wiring is observed. The type of cables used is extremely important, as it determines the proper functioning of the system.
  4. Failure to add a tamper: the tamper switch, or vandalism protection switch, is mounted on the external siren, main panel and detectors. This switch is activated when there is an intent to remove it in cases of tampering. Usually, a zone in the panel is reserved for the tamper, and its use is considered necessary especially on the external sirens of a house.
  5. Unsuitable location for the central alarm panel: Consult with system installation personnel for suggested panel mounting location. The panel should be located in a hard-to-reach area of the home that is not easily visible to intruders. It should be avoided near the entrance of the house.


Installing an alarm system is not an easy task. Do the necessary research

https://www.freewaves.com.cy/security-systems/ find out more and choose the system that suits your needs. A complete security system based on the specific characteristics of your home guarantees maximum protection against any kind of malicious action.

And don’t forget that safety is the number one commodity.