Automation is our daily life

finally an allied for you and your loved ones

About Automation

If you believe that the time when we will wake up and command the coffee pot to prepare us the coffee, open the balcony doors, close the tents, water the garden, or increase the air conditioning and heating without the human factor is far, you are wrong. Many of these commands are daily practices in so-called “smart home” that appeared in recent years.Smart home technology generally refers to devices or systems that connect into a common network that can be independently and remotely controlled. smart home automation is when your home technology works together in one system

Provides you peace of mind and comfort beyond your expectations

  • easy set-up of scenarios and routines
  • Live surveillance your premises
  • Access control
  • Intelligence controls electrical devices
  • Intelligent energy management program and schedule events

Automation systems give you the flexibility to programme the functions in your house for your convenience

  • Control everything for your convenience
  • Live surveillance your premises any time
  • Live monitoring from anywhere
  • Comfort beyond your expectations
  • Control any electrical device through your tablet
  • Energy and money saving
  • Maximizes your home security
  • Remote control of home functions
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Accessibility