Leptos Vikla Villas

Date:10 June 2018
City:Tsada, Pafos
Type:Private Area

A private area with a lot of properties located at Tsada village in Paphos.

A combination of a CCTV  and LPR systems are used in order to protect the area from damages or unauthorized entry.

LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems covering the two main entrances approaching the properties, as a result all incoming and outgoing vehicles to be recorded. The system provides the residence with confidence while is capturing all vehicles license plates. The software of the system provides the residence with all the necessary information whenever is requested.  All vehicles license plates kept on system database and can be filter by date or search for a specific license plate. Hotlist can be created to identify stolen or other vehicles. All these information can be viewed remotely. In addition, push notifications can be received on smartphones and tablets.

CCTV systems recording every movement around the entrances. Wide angle cameras used in order to cover the areas around the poles. Cameras are working day and night by using the latest Starlight technology. Recordings are kept on hard drive for a period of month and can be expanded. Live view and recordings can be remotely accessible by the use of tablets, smartphones or laptops. Only authorized users may use the features of the systems.